Monday, May 4, 2009

Consolidating SQL 2000 to SQL 2008 using Dell R805 servers - a Dell Consolidation Report

Consolidating multiple database servers into a single server makes it possible for an organization save hardware, software, and operational costs. To help quantify the potential savings of SQL Database consolidation within your organization, Dell has partnered with Principled Technologies to bring you this consolidation whitepaper as they examined an example test case: How many Dell PowerEdge 2650s can you consolidate onto a single PowerEdge R805 with a Dell PowerVault MD1000 storage array attached?

Read this consolidation whitepaper to learn how consolidating legacy Dell PowerEdge 2650 servers onto a single Dell PowerEdge R805 server with a PowerVault MD1000 storage array can yielded less than one-third the rack space usage, less than one-fourth the power, and one-eighth the number of SQL Server licenses, all while enjoying the same or better performance.

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